Networks and Learning


Chuanyi Ji

Ph.D Caltech 1992, MS Univ. of Pennsylvania 1986,

BS (Honors) Tsinghua University 1983.

Associate Professor at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office: 5165 Centergy Building, Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA30332-0250
Phone: 404-894-2393 (Office)  404-894-7883 (Fax)

Research Interest

Our research lies in both basic and applied areas of networks, machine learning, and large-scale data analytics. We study fundamental issues and derive engineering solutions for modeling and managing heterogeneous large networks; develop learning algorithms; analyze and seek knowledge from real data.

Recent Publications and News:


·      Chuanyi Ji, Yun Wei, and H. Vincent Poor, “Resilience of Energy Infrastructure and Services: Modeling, Data Analytics and Metrics.”  Proceedings of the IEEE - Special Issue of Power Grid Resilience. 105 (7), 1354-1366, July 2017.


Abstract: …What fundamental issues govern the resilience? Can advanced approaches such as modeling and data analytics help industry to go beyond empirical methods? ….



·      Chuanyi Ji, Yun Wei, Henry Mei, Jorge Calzada, Matthew Carey, Steve Church, Timothy Hayes, Brian Nugent, Gregory Stella, Matthew Wallace, Joe White, & Robert Wilcox. Large-Scale Data Analysis of Power Grid Resilience across Multiple US Service Regions. Nature Energy, May 2016. (Cover-page article)  DOI:10.1038/nenergy.2016.52


Abstract: … we analyse data from four major service regions representing Upstate New York during Super Storm Sandy and daily operations. Using non-stationary spatiotemporal random processes that relate infrastructural failures to recoveries and cost, our data analysis shows that local power failures have a disproportionally large non-local impact on people …


(News and Views by Ian Dobson, Electricity grid: When the lights go out. Nature Energy, May 2016.)

(Press: e!Science News, EurekAlert!, Georgia Tech News, Georgia Tech Research Horizon, Newswise,, Science Daily, The Energy Alliance Group, 2016)


Related Talks:

·      “Large-Scale Data Analysis for Resilience of Power Distribution”, Panel on Big Data Analytics, PSE General Meeting, Boston, July, 2016. (Slides)

·      “Resilience of Large-Scale Power Distribution”, Panel, Homeland Security Week, Oct. 2015.

·      “Resilience of large-scale power distribution: Modeling and Real Data,” Special Session on Resilience of Power Grid, Applied Physics March Meeting, March 2015.