Two postdoc positions available starting Fall 2018/Spring 2019 (see here).




Amir H. Afsharinejad (Ph.D student) 2016-


Former Ph.D students (current/first):


Yun Wei, Quantitative Researcher, CooperFund Inc, Chicago, Jan. 2017


Supaporn Erjongmanee, Lecturer, Kasetsart Univ. Thailand

Ph.D Thesis: Understanding Communication Infrastructure Using Large-Scale Measurements, 2011


Sung-eok Jeon, Uber/Microsoft, Seattle

Ph.D Thesis: Near-Optimality of Distributed Network Management using Machine Learning Approach, 2007


Rajesh Narasimha (Co-advised with Prof. Steve Mclaughlin), Samsung Research.

Ph.D Thesis: Application of Information Theory and Learning to Network and Biological Tomography, 2007

SPIE Fellowship Award


Zesheng Chen, Assistant Prof., IPFW University, Fort Wayne

Ph.D Thesis: Modeling and Defending Against Internet Worm Attacks, 2007

Clever award, ECE Gatech


Guanglei Liu, Associate Prof., Roan-state Community College, Tennessee

Ph.D Thesis: Management and Control of Scalable and Resilient Next-Generation Optical Networks, 2007

Clever award, ECE Gatech


Xusheng Tian, Bloomberg, Inc. NY

Ph.D Thesis: Modeling and Understanding Heterogeneous Network Traffic, 2002.

Dongxu Shen, University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

Ph.D Thesis: Resource Management of Wireless CDMA Networks, 2001.


Marina Thottan, Bell Labs Nokia, NJ.

Ph.D Thesis: Fault Detection and Prediction for the Management of Computer Networks, 2000.

Founderís Award of Excellence, RPI


Sheng Ma,Google, CA /IBM T.J Watson Research, NY

Ph.D Thesis: Network Traffic Modeling and Analysis in Wavelet Domain, 1998

Charlie Close Thesis Award, RPI, Founderís Award of Excellence


Cindy Hood, Associate Prof. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Ph.D Thesis: Intelligent Detection for Fault Management of Communication Networks, 1996.


Former MS/Other students:


Henry Mei, Gatech, 2015


Guanglei Liu, continued with Ph.D.

Thesis: Decentralized Wavelength Assignments and Control of Optical Networks, 2001.


Ying Dong, Ph.D student, Hong Kong University.

Thesis: Simulating a Wireless Network Environment, 2001.


Yingmei Sun, Technical staff member, Oracle, MA.

Thesis: A Simulation Environment for Intelligent Network Agents, 2000.


Peihua Qi, Technical staff member, IBM, NY.

Thesis: Network Anomaly Generation Using ns, 2000.


Andrew Weate, Instructor, the West Point Military Academy, NY.

Thesis: Reinforcement Learning and Applications, 1998.


Dongxu Shen, continued Ph.D.

Thesis: Prediction of Network Traffic for Network Management, 1998.


Min Wei, Technical staff member, IBM Watson Research Center, NY.

Thesis: Investigations of Self-Similar Traffic on Network Management, 1996.


David Durham, Technical staff member, Intel Corporation, Portland, OR.

Thesis: Wide Area Network Flow Control Possibilities via Active Signal End-to-End Time Series Prediction, 1996.


Richard Schaaf, Technical staff member, IBM, Vermont.

Thesis: Array Signal Processing Using Neural Networks, 1995.


Tashin Hasin Demiral, Ph.D. student, the National University of Turkey.

Thesis: Combinations of Weak Classifiers, 1994.


Sheng Ma, continued Ph.D.

Thesis: Expectation-Maximization Algorithms for Feedforward and Recurrent Networks, 1994. (Henry J. Nolte Memorial Award for Master Thesis, RPI)


James Farmer, Technical staff member, Allied Signals, Washington DC.

Thesis: Expectation-Maximization Algorithm For Feedforward Neural Networks, 1993.


Aaron Dentinger, Technical staff member, General Electric Research and Development Center.

Thesis: Fast Training Algorithms for Recurrent Networks with Ramp Functions, 1993.


More than 40 undergrad researchers at GT, RPI, and SURE.


Former Postdocs/Visitors:

Dr. Seunghoo Lee (Visiting Postdoc), 2011-2013

Dr. Sung-Ho Huang (Visiting Posdoc), 2005-2006, Samsung, Korea

Dr. Minsu Kim (Visiting Postdoc), 2005-2006, Samsung, Korea

Dr. Guang Cheng (Visiting Prof.) 2006-2007, South East University, China.

Prof. Suming Li, (Visiting Prof.), 2007-2008, National Univ.,China

Dr. Shikang Chen, (Visiting Postdoc), 2008-2009, Sichung, China

James Gu, (Visiting Student), 2008-2009, China

Prof. Ekrem Duman (Visiting Prof.), 2011, Turkey

Prof. Ling Wang (Visiting Prof.), 2013, China